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Author Topic: for sale 1996 3500hd fully rebuilt, needs to be finished.  (Read 983 times)


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for sale 1996 3500hd fully rebuilt, needs to be finished.
« on: January 21, 2019, 04:40:03 PM »

This is an unfinished project that needs finishing. I have been working on this for 1.5 years and burnt out, and now my wife and I are moving so the truck needs to go. I am not suggesting a selling price rather taking the best offer I can get. I stopped counting how much I have invested at 25,000. It was too depressing to keep counting. Below I will explain what I have done and what the truck needs to be complete.


- block from GM its a brand new block not rebuilt, 7.4 liter vortec 454, this is the L29 engine. block was align honed, honed with deck plates, zero decked, and fully deburred.
- CP pistons and 6.535 long H-beam billet rods
- Scat steel crank balanced at Ohio Crankshaft
- Ferera high nickel stainless valves.
- Comp cams bee hive springs.
- New guides
- 5 angle valve job
- all new internals = roller lifters, roller cam, all clevite bearings, timing set, oil pump, pan, intake, injectors from 5 - O motorsports for the L29, damper, alternator, power steering pump, water pump, belt, plugs, wires, distributor, coil, module, AC compressor, tensioner, motor mounts, all fasteners and sensors.

- Jesel shaft rockers
- radiator and hoses
- oil cooler

(all engine machining was done by Dean Newcombe) The engine is completely new and full of really nice parts. I build it to be used for the long haul. Not to be a race car. I specified parts for high quality in machining and materials. No expense spared)


- Fully rebuilt 4l80E by Keith Harris of City Chevrolet the head transmission re builder
- torque converter is an ATI billet triple disk. It was custom made for the trucks weight, rear gear, engine and use. Its meant to never slip, and hold up for heavy duty applications.

- Rear Axle-

Fully rebuilt at C&R racing. I have them change all bearing races, add a detroit locker, REM polish the ring and pinion and the floating axles. I made a billet rear differential cover spacer that allows the axle to hold 3 more quarts.

- Rest of the truck-

Interior is stock GM, I added full power seats from a loaded suburban and had them recovered and rebuilt from Chuck Hanna. full power seats. It has a Kenwood radio and nice door speakers. I added heat and sound insulation in the entire cab and laid down a new carpet. The head liner and visors are new. Exhaust system is stainless true dual exhaust with magnaflow stainless mufflers. Front lights are HID, rest of the truck is LED. Front axle has been stripped and powercoated, front and rear hubs rebuild. New bronze bushings in the front hubs. All new bearing races and bearings. (front and rear) new calipers, brake lines, brake pads, shocks. I installed new leaf springs, all suspension bolts, steering box, front steering has been fully replaced with new parts.

The wheels have been stripped and power coated and new tires mounted. Michelin fronts and contential rears. The wheels are commercial sized 19.5 inch.

There is far more I have not listed but you get the idea. When I was building this I was planning on owning it for 20 years and towing and hauling heavy. I have a custom stainless steel gas tank, and aeromotive inline pump. (still uses OEM sender and gauge in the dash)

I made and almost finished the flat bed, it can be removed but its very heavy duty, I built it from 3" x 4" steel box tubing 1/4" wall.

It needs a small list of things to finish and tidy up:

- I put a block heater in each bank of the block and they leak a very small amount. They need to be replaced or changed out for freeze plugs.
- The fuel system needs some love. One of the pre-filter socks needs to be removed to lower the restriction to the pump and raise the operating pressure. ( I added 2 pre filter)
- the stock type fuel pick up needs to be take out and put back in in slightly different so the arm has full travel, right now the arm is interfering with a baffel and read full all the time.
- rear light wiring needs to be finished.
- I have (2) 1/4" aluminum thick diamond plate sheets that need to be attached on the frame of the flat bed.
- the truck needs to aligned. ALL front steering parts have been changed and it need a toe adjustment.

Please call me, do not text I have a flip phone. I am very busy so leave me a message and I will call back. I believe with a couple of work sessions the truck could be up driving no issue. It does run and moves around, right now its under a big tarp.

Feel free to ask questions and call. Like I said I have over 25 grand invested and I need to move on. Please make an offer in person. I do not do business long distance, and I have a time frame of about 4 weeks on this. If I do not sell it I will store it and get to it later.


call me at

704-929-7935 I live in mooresville, North Carolina



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