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Title: HYDRO-BOOST LEAKING? Fix it for $6.50
Post by: ED-NY on January 29, 2016, 08:20:26 AM
As a FYI there is one seal inside the hydro-boost unit that is the culprit for leaks. Options to repair it is a complete seal kit or replace the hydro-boost.   The following links discuss the repair procedure, included an eBay link should you want to purchase just the one faulty seal.

Here is the eBay auction narrative by seller "fox4wd":

"Why spend $250 - $600 for a rebuilt or new hydroboost unit for your truck? The most common failure is a $6.50 seal. And it's not a huge job to replace it. I have even done it without taking the hydroboost unit out of the truck. If you are leaking power steering fluid between your booster and master cylinder as shown in pic #2, this is the cause. The power piston seal is split. Here is your seal to repair your truck. This same seal is used in most if not all of the units in the GM trucks. (check the numbers yourself to be sure) This is an Elder 5-19 which crosses to a Bendix 129484 used in Carbone 52-7370 rebuilt units. Used in 2003-2006 GM trucks with hydroboost. and more, just not sure of the total. I needed one for my truck and couldn't find anyone selling just the seal so I ordered directly from the company. Doing that, I had to place a minimum order, so I figured why not help out my Chevy brothers and sisters. Here you go, and I do have a link to a forum that explains how to change the seal in a step by step order. This is a free shipping listing in the US, I will ship internationally if you pay any additional fees."
Title: Re: HYDRO-BOOST LEAKING? Fix it for $6.50
Post by: someotherguy on January 29, 2016, 09:41:59 AM
Nice! :D

Title: Re: HYDRO-BOOST LEAKING? Fix it for $6.50
Post by: ED-NY on January 29, 2016, 12:07:24 PM
I just converted the 94 truck cab on the 95 3500HD chassis from vacuum to it bled and working great! Now I see it has that leak..could have replaced it while it was out :-\     Wish I knew about this before I found the leak.

Plan on replacing the seal without removing the hydro setup in a month or so.